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  The Beginning

James began his career in entertaining in the 2000's, as a young child James was absolutely fancinated by everything clown and circus related- as many children are at such age. As James' said during the interview "I grew up in the Middle East during some extremely turbulent times, I decided early on with these experiences in mind, complimented with my bubbly, happy and bright personality- that I wanted to make people smile, create calmness and laughter through whatever the world threw us!" "

James & Dotty (Dog)James said "I visited Cyprus for the very first time in 2005. Whilst over there, I was lucky enough to get to see Circus Medrano- a touring russian Circus who came back for their first show since 1980 to Paphos! Circus Medrano by the way, are a touring circus dated back to 1860's. It would be fair to say their touring show wasn't far from actual insanity. Among the many specticles, including the usual sort of gymnastics, unicycles, ball of death with motorcycles- was found most boring compared to when they brought out live Crocodiles, Lions, Snames and other exotic creatures- by which time the adrenaline was properly pumping, and I was forever sold on the circus performing idea- just as long as their arent any crocodiles for me to handle! Which by the way- I do not condone, or believe in circus having any sort of animal acts, and I'm told the Crocodiles and other creatures have long been banned now- I was also told that their animal practices were meant to be "good" and that they treated them as performers.I often wonder looking back, how many of the "feral" Cypriot children tried to stroke the animals and never found- only to have been eaten by the Crocs!

One of James' many television apperance's- 2007 & Courtesy of HJ

Clown JKTHE 2010's

During 2010 James' training was in full swing! By the end of 2010, he'd mastered Unicycling, Juggling & Balloon modelling. He was now ready for life as a showman! James was lucky enough to have been trained in Singapore for stilt walking - this was in fact the only one of his many talents that wasn't self taught. It was during this time that James also began having Television appearances for VIVA casting UAE as a model in TV commericals for commericials including DU UAE as well as Teleshopping Network.

During 2011 & 2012 James continued to improve on his skills and mastering all the circus arts he possibly could. In 2013, James was invited to provide his first ever Circus workshop to a school. From this moment on.... The Kristian Family Cirus was born! He coninued throughout 2013 & 2014 to perform workshop, talent shows, for his local community and even had a guest appearence on Radio 2 UAE- where he got to show case his DJ skills as well as being interviewed about his Circus performing.

James was also approached by Rhino Revolution Dubai and invited to the extremely exclusive Al Bustan Zoological Centre after his efforts for rasing money for the Rhino conservation cause through peforming and running his famous "JK's Tuck Shop", James was one of the only people to have ever have been invited to the Al Bustan Zoological Centre- which houses some of the worlds rarest species of animals, which is heavily guarded and strictly closed off to the all the public and those wishing to catch a glimpse at these magnificent animals including Indian Rhino's, Marbled Cats, Arabian Tahr & Pygmy marmosets!- and don't worry, James did not take any of the animals back for the Circus!

In 2016 James made the decision to move to the UK, after over 14 years of living abroad in the Middle East.

After relocating to the UK, James continued performing for large audiences. As 2016 came to a close, James also decided he wanted to expand his Circus business to include catering and coin operated entertainment. From this, James began JK Amusements which is known across Wales for its world class sweet treats and is still going to this day.

THE 2020s

During 2020-2024, James and the Kirstian Family Circus has been busy with performances. Venues have included Llanelli Town Centre, Pembrey Country Park. James has big plans upcoming for more Welsh performances too, so please keep a look out if interested. In addition to all this, James also opened a Joke and circus supply store in Swansea Market during 2022, which supplies Unicycles, Juggling Clubs and all the clown supplies like squirting flowers you can imagine!




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